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CK7 HD Video Wall&Edge Blending Controller


   >>CK7 HD Video Wall&Edge Blending Controller,The company combines years of experience in video R&D and production of video and audio image processors, and is specially designed to adapt to multimedia HD video and audio systems with two or more systems: central control, hybrid matrix, audio processing, large screen splicing, projection fusion, and full color LED. The integrated control product developed by the project perfectly solves the problems of user's difficulty in matching, difficult debugging, and many kinds of equipment, providing users with a solution for equipment, a platform, one-stop procurement and service.


Control, LED, fusion, matrix integration control

A set of equipment integrated central control, hybrid matrix, audio processing, splicing processor, fusion processor, full-color LED processor and long-distance transmitter and other peripheral devices, not only solves the problem of distributed processor signal instability, Complex network, network delay, and high-definition signal display fuzzy problems, and solve the practical problems of traditional processor functions and complex software operations.

Support ultra high definition 4K signal acquisition

It can capture 4K signals of various types of DL-DVI, DP, HDMI1.4, providing more shocking and clear effects.

Pure hardware architecture, any combination of boards

Industrial grade chassis with CPCI structure. Modular design, dual backup redundant power supply support power supply hot backup, fan and other modules are free to replace. It supports hot plugging of system processing modules and provides various types of chassis and boards to save costs for customers.

Support for preview and echo of PC and mobile control software

Support users to preview and display all input signals in the PC and mobile control software, which can more intuitively select the signal source to be operated. At the same time, you can view the real-time echo image of the large screen in the interface, improve the operator's work efficiency and prevent misoperation.

Other Features

  • Seamless switching

    The screen transitions smoothly, no black screen is displayed, and the switching time is less than 5 milliseconds.

  • Preplan storage call

    Preset multiple control schemes for easy direct call.

  • Integrated central control function

    Integrated central control serial port control interface, integrated control peripheral RS232, RS485 protocol equipment.

  • Input and output character overlay

    Enter the character source identifier, output large screen characters, mark the leadership welcome words, and so on.

  • Matrix rotation

    Output large screen automatic rotation training to switch the selected input signal source.



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